April 25, 2019
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Year I: Outcomes and Experiences

A. Desired Outcomes

Through reading, reflection, prayer, and sharing, it is our hope that the participant will come to . . .

1. a greater knowledge and understanding of the Institute’s story: past, present and vision for the future,

2. an ongoing development of a personal spirituality of the Heart of Christ,

3. the development of a daily personal prayer life reflective of this spirituality, and

4. an increased solidarity with the spirituality, community, and mission of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.


B. Essential Experiences

1. Participating in a retreat of at least 5 days, preferably with a theme related to the spirituality of the Heart of Jesus (a community retreat, if possible)

2. Praying with a community of Brothers from time to time (form and frequency to be determined)


C. Additional Suggested Reading and Experiences

1. The Spiritual Expercises of St. Ignatius

2. Entering Spiritual Direction

3. Regular Spiritual Reading

4. Regular reading of Scripture, especially the Gospels of Luke and John

5. Interviewing Brothers on the spirituality of the community – yesterday and today

6. With All Our Mind and Heart by Sidney Callahan

7. Traits of a Healthy Spirituality by Melannie Svoboda



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