April 25, 2019
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DR#: 19 The Leader’s Daily Requirement: Equipping Potential Leaders


In identifying and training potential leaders, it is essential that the educational leader not only have a knowledge of what has to be accomplished, but also that he/she should have a much broader vision of the task at hand. Dealing with potential leaders is certainly much more than imparting knowledge of how to deal with certain situations. More often than not, it’s a question of equipping the potential leader with the mental and emotional outlook so necessary to handle the situations and stresses of leadership.

Crucial to this process is the task of identifying future leaders. The perfect candidate cannot be found. Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses. It is very important in the selection of future leaders to concentrate on strengths of character, rather than weaknesses. Everyone has both; but usually in the development of specific strengths of character, some weaknesses seem to disappear.

To be able to accomplish the task of transmitting ideas and attitudes, it is essential for the leader to have a clear vision of the school goals as put forth in the mission statement; have a commitment to this vision; and have the ability to transfer this same vision and commitment to future leaders.

To be successful in this endeavor, the leader must possess and model the same attitude and vision he/she wishes to pass on. These virtues and characteristics must be ingrained in his/her own personal approach to life and in the exercise of leadership within the school setting.

Equipping future leaders is much more that showing and telling people what to do. It includes both encouraging and empowering them to be responsible in their own lives, and how they in turn should exercise these same qualities in their own dealings with others throughout the school community.

Through this directed reading, the participant will:

  • understand the importance of having a clear vision of the school’s goals;
  • be able to focus on the strengths while recognizing the limitations of future leaders;
  • appreciate that the leader must possess and model the same attitudes and vision he/she wishes to transmit.
  • Maxwell, John C., Developing The Leaders Around You (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1995), Chapter 5: “The Leader’s Daily Requirement: Equipping Potential Leaders,” pp. 83-110.
Suggestions for Journal Reflection
  • After reflecting on the introduction of this section and completing the reading of Chapter 5 of Maxwell’s book, list several attitudes and/or virtues that you would consider as essential qualities needed to be developed for potential leadership in the faith.
  • In the work of developing potential leaders in the faith, list and discuss several situations that you might wish to observe in order to evaluate the strengths and needs of potential leaders.

 Lord, Jesus, 

You told your disciples "I am the way".  

Give me the grace and strength 
to look within myself and find the way

        You wish me to go.  

Help me to inspire and influence others by the way I live, 
so that they may come to understand 
how You want us all to live and act.

We ask this, as we ask all things, in Your name.


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