April 25, 2019
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The Criteria and the Process for Selection to The Coindre Leadership Program

In selecting participants for the Coindre Leadership Program, those responsible should recommend individuals in our schools who have the following dispositions:

1. a basic knowledge of scripture and the traditions of the Catholic Church;
2. a fundamental openness to growth and personal development;
3. a demonstrated affinity for the spirituality of the Institute;
4. an appreciation for the importance of community;
5. an identification with the mission of the Institute;
6. a willingness to share their own experience, knowledge and values to enable the formation of others; and
7. a demonstrated personal spirituality.

N.B. All those entering this program would also be expected to have met the require-ments for leadership within their school communities.

The Nomination and Selection Process

1. In November of a given year, the province invites school leadership committees to reflect on the criteria listed above and to submit a prioritized list of names of those individuals with whom they minister and whom they would like to recommend as participants in the program.  These names are to be submitted to the Provincial Council no later than the end of January.

2. In February, the Provincial Council discerns which nominees will be invited to participate in the program and assigns mentors for each participant.

3. At the beginning of March, each provincial extends invitations to potential partic-ipants and mentors in his province to begin the CLP in the fall.  (Mentors will be invited first.)

4. By mid-April, all invitations for participation should have been either accepted or declined.

5. In the early fall, the CLP officially begins the new year of activity with a Eucha-ristic celebration that brings together all of the mentors, participants, and their spouses and families.

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