April 25, 2019
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The Heart of the Coindre Leadership Program

The Coindre Leadership Program (CLP) is a three-year intensive personal for-mation program designed to assist participants in deepening their understanding of the educational charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and in preparing them to mentor others in the charism to better ensure its continued lived expression in our schools.  To this end, the program seeks to form school leaders who are rooted in a spirituality of the Heart of Christ, committed to the building of a Christian community, dedicated to the mission and apostolate of André Coindre, and willing and able to form future generations of school leaders in this tradition.

During this three-year program, each participant pledges himself / herself to approximate-ly four (4) hours of CLP activity per month during the school year.  Each hour-long activ-ity will consist of a directed reading focused on a particular topic related to the charism or to mentoring.  Each directed reading, in turn, will entail the actual reading of source doc-uments, a brief period of reflection and prayer, and some journaling to conclude the hour.  After a series of readings has been completed, the participant will share his / her reflec-tions and experiences with a mentor chosen especially for him / her by the province.  Each participant will also be expected to become involved in one (1) extended experience (i.e., 1 week or more) each summer and in other experiences with the Brothers in the province throughout the year.

The CLP is divided into three year-long components that are meant to be followed se-quentially:

  • Year 1: History and Spirituality
  • Year 2: Community Building and Mentoring
  • Year 3: Mission and Apostolate

In addition to directed readings on one of these topics throughout a given year of the program, each participant may also have some selected reading on the history and traditions of the Institute and the local Province that further expound upon the topic being considered.

A Eucharistic liturgy would officially begin and another will end each year’s activities, and spouses and family members of each participant will be welcomed and invited to attend and to participate.

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