April 25, 2019
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Letter of Welcome


On behalf of the New York Province of the Institute of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, we welcome you to the COINDRE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM!  We are happy you have accepted the invitation to enter more deeply into the rich educational charism we have received from our founder, Father André Coindre, and which has been passed on from one generation of Brothers to another as a form of spiritual, communal and apostolic patrimony.  We have accepted this charism as something sacred, a true gift of the Spirit to our founder, and by extension, to us.  This invitation is being extended to you because your mission and ministry have shown us that you, likewise, hold this charism in such esteem.

The COINDRE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (CLP) is designed to be one of personal formation.  Throughout the course of this three-year program, you will spend time reflecting on and experiencing first hand the spirituality, community, and apostolic life of the Brothers under the direction of a mentor.  We have attempted to remain faithful to our gift of foundation “by adapting our mission to the needs of the time and place” by our formation in religious life.  It is our hope and prayer that your participation in the CLP will better help you to more closely identify with Father Coindre’s vision and prepare you to form future generations of school leaders who are steeped in and faithful to this educational charism.

We thank you for the countless ways you have already demonstrated an affinity for this charism and a commitment to our partnership in Father Coindre’s mission and ministry.  Your generosity and dedication are as vital to our evangelizing efforts today as the efforts of the numerous lay collaborators who assisted at Pieux Secours and in Monistrol during our community’s infancy.  In many ways, your efforts are even more important since we will rely on your commitment to your lay vocation to form future generations of school leaders in this educational charism, our joint patrimony.

May the Lord bless you abundantly as you enter into this period of personal, spiritual, communal, and apostolic renewal that you might help to preserve and to share with others this gift of charism for many generations to come.

In His Heart,

Brother Joseph Holthaus, S.C.
New York Province



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