April 25, 2019
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Year II Desired Outcomes


A. Desired Outcomes

Through reading, reflection, prayer, and sharing, it is our hope that the participant will;

  • increase and improve his or her community-building skills in the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart;
  • increase his or her ability to nurture the gifts and talents of others;
  • increase his or her capacity and improve his or her mentoring skills, especially skills in mentoring others in the charism; and
  • develop a deeper commitment to model servant leadership.

B. Additional Suggested Readings and Experiences

In addition to the directed readings which are integral to Component II of the Coindre Leadership Program, the participant is encouraged to pursue one or more of the following readings and/or experiences to gain greater benefit from the program and to improve his or her community-building and mentoring skills:

  • visit other Brothers’ communities in the Province and in other Provinces;
  • read Wisdom, Age and Grace, the New Orleans Province’s document on aging in the community;
  • participate in a Mentoring Practicum with a first-year teacher or administrator; and/or
  • interview Brothers of different age groups to understand how the concept of community has evolved over the years.

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