April 25, 2019
Component II: Community Building and Mentoring

DR#: 1 Community: An Essential Element for Mission View »
DR#: 2 Community of Charity: Acceptance, Respect, Responsibility View »
DR#: 3 Forgiveness and Reconciliation View »
DR#: 4 Community of Charity: Option for Compassion View »
DR#: 5 Community of Worship: Ritual, Prayer and Sacrament View »
DR#: 6 Community of Apostolate: Witness, Common Vision View »
DR#: 7 Community of Apostolate: A Prayer for Solidarity View »
DR#: 8 Cooperation and Mutual Support View »
DR#: 9 Tension and Community Growth View »
DR#: 10 At the Heart of Community: Celebration View »
DR#: 11 Reflections on Community:The Visions of our Founders View »
DR#: 12 The Service of Authority in the Institute View »
DR#: 13 Servant Leadership View »
DR#: 14 Mentoring: An Introduction View »
DR#: 15 The Leader’s Key Question: Am I Raising Up Potential Leaders? View »
DR#: 16 The Leader’s Toughest Challenge: Creating a Climate for Potential Leaders View »
DR#: 17 The Leader’s Responsibility: Identifying Potential Leaders View »
DR#: 18 The Leader’s Crucial Task: Nurturing Potential Leaders View »
DR#: 19 The Leader’s Daily Requirement: Equipping Potential Leaders View »
DR#: 20 The Leader’s Lifelong Commitment: Developing Potential Leaders View »
DR#: 21 The Leader's Highest Return: Forming a Dream Team of Leaders View »
DR#: 22 Coaching a Dream Team of Leaders View »
DR#: 23 The Leader’s Finest Hour: Realizing Value To and From Leaders View »
DR#: 24 The Leader’s Lasting Contribution: Reproducing Generations of Leaders View »
Year II Desired Outcomes View »